Messi against the Poles.  The Argentine scores another goal.  superiority [WIDEO] Becca nonna

The meeting was arranged under the dictation of Inter practically from the start. The Florida team quickly took the lead, and over time it increased its advantage. Charlotte didn’t have an ounce of good standing.

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Messi at the same level as Maradona? The Argentine journalist is happy with her compatriot

Messi Inter broke Charlotte “Polish”

Filling the bag with goals in this match began in the 12th minute Joseph Martinez, who used the penalty kick with great confidence. The goalkeeper waited until the end to see what the shooter would do, but was deceived and lunged in the opposite direction of the Venezuelan’s shot.

Miami pressed on, and after 20 minutes they were leading 2-0 thanks to a Robert Taylor goal. Sergio Busquets started the business with a superb long pass to the right wing, where DeAndre Yedlin found himself. And the American played in the middle of the penalty area, where Taylor was running. The Finnish representative overtook the defenders and fell to the ground. Charlotte goalkeeper Christian Kahlina could have hit a spade, he was already on his toes, but this shot broke the Dutchman.

At halftime Charlotte was just a backdrop for Miami. Only two shots were fired, neither of which were on target. Most of the time, all they can do is chase the ball. The hosts had no intention of slowing down in the second half. Charlotte’s mutation had no effect on them, they continued to play their game.

Inter’s resilience paid off as the visitors managed to bounce back to 3-0 with an Adelson Malanda goal in the 78th minute. The destruction was eventually done by Leo Messi. The Argentine released Leonardo Campana for a one-on-one situation, but the Ecuadorian missed the ball and was unable to shoot. Fortunately for Inter, Campana saved the day and managed to play Messi in the middle of the penalty area. The world champion took advantage of the passivity of the defenders and the poor positioning of the Charlotte goalkeeper, so he hit hard into the middle of the goal, marking the score 4: 0.

Messi’s celebration after his goal becomes a hit to the net. He smiled sincerely from ear to ear, making movements in the style of a spiderman, who shoots cobwebs from his hands. At that moment, he was facing his wife and children who were present in the stands of the Miami stadium.

Inter Miami deserved a huge victory. Seven of Florida’s shots were on goal. Once again Messi charmed the world with his efficiency. It was his eighth goal in five consecutive matches. Charlotte’s passivity on defense and inability on offense was shocking.

Karol Świderski played 90 minutes, and Kamil Jóźwiak was substituted at the end of the first half. Jan Sobosinski sat the entire match on the bench.

Ekaterina Antropova

Inter Miami will play Philadelphia Union in the League Cup semi-finals. A potential Grand Final contender would be the better of the Monterrey duo – Nashville FC.

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