Is ski jumping a revolution?  Crazy idea for the World Cup manager

in Poland Ski jumping It is still very popular, which is confirmed by recent reviews. Sunday World Cup competition in Zakopane Watched on TVP 1 3 million viewers (5.3 million primetime viewers), while the previous day, “The Team” was watched by an average of 2.4 million people.

Is ski jumping a revolution?

This does not change the fact that the current “cover-to-cover” cup competitions are followed only by enthusiasts. As revealed in an interview with TVP Sport World Cup manager Sandro BertilFIS aware of this There are two moments during the competition that are less interesting for fans. – The first moment that does not attract the viewer in front of the TV is the moments after the start of the first series. He pointed out that the second is the beginning of the second.

However, the federation does not intend to limit the number of competitors who start in the first series and qualify for the second. – After a preliminary analysis of the situation, we know that the number of jumpers cannot be reduced at present. But he said it was possible to get the best of them to appear sooner than a few tens of minutes into the first series.

According to Pertile, a good solution is used in cross-country skiing, where individual time trials are performed The top riders on the starting list are seeded according to their position in the standings. – They move among the weaker ones, mixing with them. Thanks to this, the viewer gets someone from above from time to time and remains very interested in the broadcast, – he said. As he added, A similar solution can be used in ski jumping competitions. For this to happen, his idea must first be discussed by the Council of the FIS.

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Dawid Kobacki, Halvor Granrod and Stefan Kraft after the World Cup individual competition in Zakopane// Gregor Momot //Door

Dawid Kobacki and Kamil Stoch during the World Cup in Zakopane// Gregor Momot //Door

David Kobacki//Gregor Momot//Door

Nice moments in the conference. Granerud turned to Kubacki. Video//INTERIA.TV//INTERIA.TV

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