Ski jumping.  We know Poland's composition for the Winter Olympics in Beijing!

Shortly after the World Cup singles competition concluded on Sunday in Zakopane, coach Michel Dolezal announced on TVP the formation of the Polish men’s ski jump team for the XXIV Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022. Five red and white will participate in the most important event in its history. The four years.

UNCLE Pekin 2022UNCLE Pekin 2022

Foot. Beijing 2022

Hops in ZhangjiakouHops in Zhangjiakou

Foot. OC Beijing 2022

Poland’s coaching staff has made the decision that Kamel Stosz, Daoud Kupaki, Piotr Seka, Pawick Wisek and Stefan Hola will travel to China for the Winter Olympics starting on February 4.

For Kamel Stoch, this is his fifth Olympic nomination. Earlier, the three-time gold medalist played in Turin (2006), Vancouver (2010), Sochi (2014) and Pyeongchang (2018). The jump from Ząb as the first Polish representative in snowboarding will go to the fifth Olympic Games.

Stefan Hola (Turin 2006, Vancouver 2010, Pyeongchang 2018) is participating in his fourth Olympic Games. Daoud Kobaki will compete in the Olympics for the third time (Sochi 2014, Pyongchang 2018).

In turn, Piotr Żyła is preparing for the second start at the Olympics, who was also present in Pyongyang, with the exception of Sochi, but did not participate in any of the competitions in Korea.

For Bowie Vasca, his trip to Beijing will be his first appearance at the Winter Olympics.

As part of the 24th Winter Olympics, five ski jump competitions are planned at the Zhangjiakou ski jump facility. First, the competition arena will be a regular facility (HS106), where the women’s competitions (February 5), the men’s competitions (February 6) and the mixes that will be staged for the first time at the Olympic Games (February 7) will be held. Then the individual competitions (February 12) and the men’s team competition (February 14) will be held on Big Hill (HS140).

The Polish men’s squad for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022:

– Kamel Stoch

– Piotr Żyła;

– Daoud Kobaki

– Pawe Wąsek;

– Stefan Hola.

Program for the 24th Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics:
time* Event hill
Thursday, 02/03/2022
7:30 Women’s Technical Briefing
8:30 Men’s Technical Briefing
10:30 Women’s formal training HS106
13:00 Formal men’s training HS106
Friday, 02/04/2022
4:00 Women’s formal training HS106
6:30 Women’s Technical Briefing
7:00 Formal men’s training HS106
9:45 Men’s Technical Briefing
Saturday 5 February 2022
6:15 Men’s Trial Series HS106
7:20 men’s qualifications HS106
10:45 Women’s Trial Series HS106
11:45 Women’s individual competition HS106
Sunday 6 February 2022
8:00 Women’s formal training HS106
11:00 Men’s Trial Series HS106
12:00 Individual competition for men HS106
14:30 Technical Briefing (Mixed)
Monday 7 February 2022
11:30 Mixed Team Trial Series HS106
12:45 Mixed Team Competition HS106
Wednesday, 09/02/2022
5:00 Technical Briefing
11:00 Formal men’s training HS140
Thursday 10 February 2022
11:00 Formal men’s training HS140
13:45 Men’s Technical Briefing
Friday 11 February 2022
10:45 Men’s Trial Series HS140
12:00 men’s qualifications HS140
Saturday 12/02/2022
11:00 Men’s Trial Series HS140
12:00 Individual competition for men HS140
Sunday 13 February 2022
12:00 Formal men’s training HS140
14:10 Men’s Technical Briefing
Monday 14 February 2022
11:00 Men’s Trial Series HS140
12:00 Men’s Team Competition HS140
* – Hours according to Polish time

Adam Bocholls, Source: PZN

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