March 22, 2023


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Yuri Pass on Mars.  Scientists have found something amazing there - O2

Yuri Pass on Mars. Scientists have found something amazing there – O2

The NASA rover is currently exploring an area on Mars known as Yori Pass. It is located in the delta of the former river that flows through the Jezero crater. Perseverance appeared across the rocks there that greatly fascinated the scientists.

These are very promising research objects because we are dealing with sandstone. And NASA said in a statement on Thursday, November 17, that this means that these rocks consist of small grains that were transported from other places by water.

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NASA has discovered a “very promising” sandstone on Mars

The fact that Jezero Crater once held water is the main reason why NASA chose this site for its study. Scientists want to focus on searching for ancient life forms. Using a manipulator, the Chariot of Perseverance gained access to the sandstone hidden under a layer of dust.

Could it hold evidence of a past life? She started wondering about the rover’s official profile on social media.

The researchers hope to discover biosignatures in the sandstone. NASA defines the term as “elements, molecules, substances, or properties that could serve as evidence for the existence of life.” With the rover, organic molecules have previously been found in rocks. However, it has not yet been possible to confirm their connection with life that once existed on the Red Planet.

NASA’s Mars rover explores Yuri’s Passage. More missions await him

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