June 3, 2023


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German brake minister in the case of the Panthers? I’ve been putting off a major decision for months world News

The meeting of the Contact Group for Defense of Ukraine on Friday in Ramstein was not an achievement. The new Minister of Defence German Boris Pistorius announced that he had ordered an inventory of Leopard tanks in Germany, which – according to him – did not mean “possible readiness for a possible decision” to transfer tanks to Ukraine.

When asked why the inventory of this equipment began almost a year after the assault Russia Reply to Ukraine German Business Insider. Christine Lamprecht, the former defense minister, banned the German Army’s inventory of Leopard 1 and 2 machines. She gave the order when she learned she had to leave her post.

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Morawiecki about Germany’s transfer of the Panthers to Ukraine: They defend themselves against it like the devil against holy water

Germany. Media: The German minister is the main brake for the Tigers

Business Insider German journalists cite sources in the German Defense Ministry. And they maintain that the inventory of the Panthers was held up for months by the former head of the ministry, Christine Lamprecht, who resigned less than a week ago. The lack of information on the number of Panthers in the German army could be embarrassing for the German chancellor. “Without such basic data, it is difficult to justify any decision, positive or negative, regarding the supply of tanks to Ukraine,” reads the BI website.

No decision was taken during the meeting of the contact group on the defense of Ukraine on Friday in Ramstein. Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Puszczak also participated in the conference, which was attended by representatives of about 50 countries. The head of the Ministry of National Defense confirmed the postponement of the decision to deliver German Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

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Germany. There is no decision on the extradition of the Panthers to Ukraine

Blaszczak said that Rammstein had discussed creating an international coalition that would equip Ukraine with the Tigers.

We talked about 15 countries that use Leopard tanks. We want to form an alliance so that we don’t order a certain number of tanks from individual countries

However, he indicated that no decisions had been taken in this regard.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense assumes that Russia’s attack on Ukraine will intensify, so everything must be done to support the Ukrainians and prevent the war from spilling over into NATO territory. He said that Poland will soon be able to train and equip the Ukrainian brigade with T-72 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

Before the Rammstein meeting, they were General Hans-Lothar Domross of the German Army emphasized that not only would Germany allow other countries to continue exporting the Panthers they had purchased, but they would also add about a dozen of these tanks from their own resources. Turns out he was very optimistic. In both cases, the new head of the German Ministry of Defense, Boris Pistorius, did not give a damn.Green color Lights.”

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