German commander: We will increase the military presence in the Indo-Pacific region

We don’t want to provoke anyone with us Send a strong signal of solidarity with our allies Zorn noted that Berlin “is witnessing a massive expansion of the Chinese armed forces.”

last year Germany has sent its first warship in more than 20 years to the disputed waters of the South China SeaThe risk of upsetting China, its main trading partner, reports Reuters. Turn, in August Berlin sent 13 military aircraft to participate in international exercises in Australia.

As General Zorn mentioned it The German army plans to send troops to conduct exercises to Australia, scheduled for next year. In 2024, the Navy will go Send some ships to the area.

– In this way we want to strengthen our presence there – he stressed.

Germany for years It has followed a very careful security policy, giving priority to the development of business relations. It was dictated by the historical experiences of the country, and above all by the responsibility for the outbreak of two world wars.

The situation in the Indo-Pacific region has become especially tense After the beginning of August China carried out unprecedented military exercises in the waters and airspace around Taiwan. It was a reaction to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to an island, which Beijing strongly protested.

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