British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns

Liz Truss announced in Downing Street. She announced her resignation as British Prime Minister. “In the current situation, I cannot carry out the mandate I received from the Conservative Party,” she said.

The Conservative Party leader faced chaos after unveiling a now-abandoned economic plan that frightened markets and smashed her party’s record. Truss tried to appease her dwindling administration just a few days ago by appointing a new head of finance. However, Wednesday night saw chaotic scenes in the British House of Commons with the vote to stop shale gas extraction. According to eyewitnesses, the leadership of the conservative parliamentary club intimidated, forcing its deputies to support the government.

Labor MPs called for an investigation after a group of Truss ministers were accused of brutally urging Conservative MPs – at least one of whom was on the verge of tears – to vote for the government’s position during talks in the Conservative MPs lobby. Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg denied there was any “intimidation”, stressing that discussions with MPs were “absolutely normal”, Politico reported yesterday.

However, Truss lost her authority among the representatives of her own group. Charles Walker, the Conservative MP in Broxburn, was clearly shocked, telling the BBC: “As a Tory MP for 17 years who has been loyal most of the time, I think that’s a shame and a disgrace.

He also stated that his party colleagues, who supported Truss’ leadership, had caused serious damage to the Conservative Party.

Already on Wednesday, the British prime minister, who fought for survival, again apologized for the mistakes that caused economic problems, but stressed that she did not intend to resign.

On Wednesday, Truss for the first time since Changes in the Minister of Finance On Friday, the actual rubbish of its entire economic program by the new prime minister, Jeremy Hunt, answered questions from MPs. How it turned out During this session, several of her Conservative Party MPs made it dependent on trying to remove her from the position of leader or give her another chance.

– I made it clear that I was sorry and that I had made mistakes. Truss said in the House of Commons that the right thing to do under the circumstances was to implement the changes you had made and to keep working and to keep the promises you made to the British.

When opposition Labor Party leader Keir Starmer put on her agenda the following points from which the government had withdrawn in the past few days, and asked her why she was staying here, Truss replied: “I am a fighter and I am.” m does not resign.” She worked in the national interest to ensure economic stability.

Truss has actually fought back, has distanced herself heavily from Starmer, has attacked herself and, in the opinion of the media, has done quite well, although the extent to which she has gone to extend her political career remains an open question. After the parliamentary questioning session, the next sixth Conservative MP announced publicly that he had sent a letter requesting the party’s vote on the confidence vote for Truss.

In response to questions, Truss made another announcement – that her government adheres to the principles of the annual pension. According to them, pensions are raised at the rate of inflation, or at the rate of wage growth, or by 2.5%. – Whichever is higher. This year is definitely swellIn September, it reached 10.1 percent. every year.

On September 6, 2022, Liz Truss received from the hands of the British Queen Elizabeth II the task of forming a government, thus becoming the third woman to become Prime Minister of Great Britain. The first meeting of the government was held on September 7, 2022, the day before the king’s death. Truss became the last prime minister of Elizabeth II and the first head of government during the reign of King Charles III.

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