She played the actress's daughter in Mr. Clix's Academy.  “I went into acting myself”

Maciej Kowalski's new “Mr. Click Academy” also stars Krzysztof Gorichny and Agnieszka Kruk. The film's cast included, above all, Tomasz Kott in the role of Mr. Klix. He was accompanied by, among others: Piotr Fronczewski (former Clix), Danuta Stenka, Agnieszka Grochowska, Daniil Valasek and Konrad Rybinski.

Magdalena Šijbal comes from an acting family, her father is Jerzy Šijbal and her mother is Grazyna Krokovna. The actress has been planning her acting future since childhood. As a young teenager, she sang in the “Strawberry Studio”, the creator of which was Paweł Królikowski. As an adult woman, she has appeared in popular series including “For good and for evil“,”blond” And “criminal“, which brought her the greatest popularity. She played there alongside Maciej Zakoscielny and Marek Włodarczyk.

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