Krzysztof Ibisz hired a "professional" wedding planner for his wedding.  Wasn't Isabella Janachuska... (Photos)

Krzysztof Ibisz and Joanna Kudzpalska They got married a few weeks ago. The presenter and his 27-year-old partner shared the happy news via social media, where they were quickly overwhelmed with congratulations from netizens and friends of the famous couple. Admittedly, the former “Top Model” participant is Ibisz’s third wife, but the former two apparently wish them well.

Time, however, flies relentlessly, and from the wedding Krzysztof Ibis Several weeks have passed since his new girlfriend. However, it was too intense for the couple, as they were on their honeymoon, and reportedly decided to buy an apartment in central Warsaw. According to the media, a new apartment in a historic dwelling house was not cheap, the price of which per square meter can reach 30,000 PLN.

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Although at first we knew relatively little about the ceremony itself and the secrets were mostly revealed by the couple’s wedding guests, Polsat’s youngest presenter finally broke down and began spreading the effects of the wedding session himself. Anyway, he had no choice, as he was probably the only one with pictures from the party, and the invitees had to hand over their smartphones before entering…


Now, unexpectedly, Krzysiek gathered for memories, because he posted another set of photos from the wedding in his profile.

Behind every satisfied bride and groom is a 100% professional wedding planner! – Sign photos.

The forever young presenter did not decide to cooperate with the chief expert of the wedding industry, Isabella Janachowskaaccompanying him on the set of “Dancing with the Stars”.

Do you think she was too busy?


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