Olivia Wilde caused a scandal on the set of the movie.  The actress did not hide her indignation

  • We found out that Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles are a married couple in 2021, when they appeared together at a wedding
  • The actress, who is also a director, worked with Harry Styles on the set of her movie Don’t Worry, Honey.
  • Foreign media reported that their romance was not approved by Florence Pugh, who played the main role in the film
  • Florence Pugh’s behavior on social media indicates that she had a conflict with Olivia Wilde
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Olivia Wilde And the Harry Stiles They’ve been together officially for a long time. Previously, the actress was linked Jason SudeikisWith whom she has two children. Apparently, it was her romance with the younger singer that contributed to the breakup of the relationship. Florence Pugh, whom Wilde hired as the lead actor, was reported to be unhappy with the atmosphere on the set. She was uncomfortable seeing the director flirting with Harry Styles while she was still involved with the father of her children. “I can tell you Flo was disgusted with how Olivia and Harry flaunted their feelings on set. Olivia was still Jason’s partner when she first slept with Harry. Jason even visited Olivia a few times on set, at first. Pictures” – the informant revealed Sixth page. The network is buzzing about the struggle of each of the ladies, and Internet users have found numerous evidence of this.

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Florence Pugh was disgusted with Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles’ romance. Actresses have a struggle?

The conflict between Florence Pugh, the Oscar-nominated actress for her supporting role in Little Women, and Olivia Wilde, for example, is exemplified by their behavior on social media. After the trailer was published, the director praised the actress’s work on Instagram, but she did not respond to the post in any way.

On the other hand, Florence Pugh added an entry in which she thanked the entire cast and crew, not to mention Wilde. It is worth noting that in 2020 she was proud to be in production and thanked the director.

Another source suggested that Olivia Wilde was not involved in the film as she should have been.

I know this from a very good source that the director wasn’t as involved as he might seem– We read in the post, from which we learned that the worker on the set had to step in and do most of the work, which allegedly angered some of the actors.

Photo: East News/Kirsty O’Connor, Joe Hill/Getty Images

Why did Olivia Wilde participate in the “Don’t Worry, Baby?” group.

There’s no shortage of votes on Twitter that Florence Beau cut herself off from the movie due to Olivia Wilde’s toxic and unprofessional behavior on set. So far, the actresses have not talked about this.

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