Knowledge test.  10 questions about Polish films and series.  These titles are classic

Your score:

1/10 Marusia is played by:

Malgorzata Nemirska

rax fields

Barbara Craftona

2/10 Kasia Solska is the heroine of the hit:

our own

google moogle


3/10 Stanisław Anioł energizes and intimidates the tenants. He constantly organizes social activities, meetings, choir rehearsals and nightclubs. What series are we talking about?

forty years


4 alternatives

4/10 Full of irony and comedy, the life of the president of the Tęcza Sports Club in the time of the Polish People’s Republic.




5/10 Shirley Gladys Wright, the illegitimate daughter of John Chicago, is the heroine of the film:

our own

Love or leave

There are no strengths

6/10 This is a still from the movie:


Feature film studio in Wroclaw

our own

Love or leave

There are no strengths

7/10 The Marble Man movie:

Andrzej and Jeddah

Chęciński New Year’s Eve

Krzysztof Keselowski

8/10 This hero is:

This hero is:


Zodiac Movie Team

Mr. Clix

Dr. Bag Chi Woo

Adam Nezgodka

9/10 The film tells the story of Barbara Ostrzeńska (Jadwiga Barańska), who marries Bogumił Niechcic (Jerzy Bińczycki) for fear of becoming a spinster she does not love.

marble man

nights and days


10/10 This is a still from the movie:

This is a still from the movie:


Zodiac Movie Team




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