She earns a good income, and I don’t know where her money goes.  She experimented

I have a problem. Money is flowing in and out of my account – and I don’t know exactly where. I’ve always done well financially so far, but I can’t seem to move on.

In the months when I don’t have to pay car and home insurance, I’m able to save some money. But suddenly, while inspecting the car, I discovered that I needed to replace four tires or other expenses would arise – and financial support would decrease. In this way My account balance has remained the same for many years – even though I earn a fairly good salary.

So I decided to conduct an experiment and take a closer look at how much money I’m spending more on – and what’s keeping me from saving more money.

The income issue is easy to explain. Suppose so I earn 6 thousand Swiss francs (about 27.4 thousand PLN) net per month. I can’t reveal the actual salary because we don’t announce it publicly in the office, but this number is close to reality.

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