June 7, 2023


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Prices have been reduced, but fertilizer is running out

Prices have been reduced, but fertilizer is running out

On Tuesday, Agrochem Puławy, the official distributor of Grupa Azoty fertilizers, published a new price list with a significant drop in nitrogen fertilizer prices, and on Thursday we learned that the range of fertilizers to which these prices were applied has practically been exhausted.

Contacting Agrochem is not easy these days. We were able to wait about 20 minutes in the queue. However, it turns out that waiting for an interview with the sales department is almost useless.

– We’ve got a certain pool and I must admit it’s sold out at the moment. We actually let nitrogen out Saletrosan, [nawozy wieloskładnikowe – red.] We’re also out of it at the moment. Next week we should know something more – we found out by calling the Agrochem Puławy hotline.

We also learned on the hotline that it’s hard to say anything about fertilizer prices from the next batch.

It was easier to get to the regional representative, but there was no good news here either.

– The new quantity should be released next week, but it is difficult to determine the price at any price. From the price lists on the site, we still have Saletrosan. We have Holist PK among the many components – one of the regional representatives of Agrochem told us.

Therefore, there are practically no fertilizers, and if we are interested in buying at Agrochema, then we will have to wait for the development of the situation until next week.