June 3, 2023


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Peco is crazy.  Netflix and Canal + for free

Peco is crazy. Netflix and Canal + for free

Pekao bank crazy.  Netflix and Canal+ for 6 months free

Bank Pekao has prepared an interesting promotion, according to which you can get free access to the Canal + package with Netfliks for 6 months.

Pekao SA continues to cheer people up for its flagship product, Konto Przekorzystny, and this time around, this offer is really exciting. By participating in the promotion, you can get a coupon for six months to get access to Canal + Online bundle with Netflix standard in the price.

The regulations are surprisingly simple. In fact, it is enough to create the said account by entering the promotional code in the form ChannelThen actively use the Visa Debit FX debit card. More specifically, perform Five cashless transactions each Every month from July to September inclusive. The voucher will be delivered via email.

The fee schedule ensures that Both account maintenance and card service are free, although in the latter case, people over 26 years old should remember to top up the account in the amount of at least PLN 500 and make at least one card transaction in the previous month. On the other hand, Pekao allows free withdrawals from foreign ATMs and 2 withdrawals from foreign ATMs in Poland.

Also, you can count on promotional items 5% interest rate every year In a savings account for amounts up to 100 thousand. zloty. For at least the first 183 days.

Konto Przekorzystne along with the additional Canal + Online can be set up directly online, to verify your identity via selfie. Form and details are available at this is the address.

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Image source: Shutterstock (@Robson90)

Text source: Bank Pekao, ed. king