“She came to me”: Polish premiere of the film with Joanna Kulig at EnergaCAMERIMAGE

The heroine, played by Joanna Kulig, was inspired by her friend Rebecca Miller, who for various reasons immigrated to the United States with young children, without her then husband. “I wanted to build this character in a multi-dimensional way. At first, I was afraid that the approach to my heroine would be stereotypical. But when I read the script, I realized that he played with stereotypes very cleverly. Every character is on her way to freedom. Magdalena actually frees herself. But In fact, each character undergoes an inconspicuous transformation. This is very interesting in this story. I was happy that I had such an opportunity. I remember how surprised I was that Rebecca wanted to meet me,” Kulig admitted in an interview with PAP.

However, an Interia reviewer complained after the film’s Berlinale premiere that the script for “She Came to Me” relied on simplifying stereotypes. He drew attention to the fact that Joanna Kulig’s character cleans the homes of wealthy New Yorkers. Koba Armata said angrily: “Because what can a pole through water do other than clean tiles?”

However, Interia’s reviewer praised Miller for his great cast. “She Came to Me” is not based on one distinct role, but rather is the result of the work of a larger team. The group was good and talented. From the nervous Peter Dinklage, to the calculating Anne Hathaway, to Marisa Tomei, who is desperately searching for love, to Joanna Kulig, who is fulfilling her American dream. In her case, exactly – literally and figuratively. I hope he continues as long as possible, also thanks to the role in “She Came to Me.” It is better to be in such a company, but with slightly better stories to tell – concluded Armata.

“She Came to Me” is scheduled to hit cinema screens on March 8, 2024.

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