March 24, 2023


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"The farmer is looking for a wife 8": Kamel applied in the final!  What about the rest of the heroes?

“The farmer is looking for a wife 8”: Kamel applied in the final! What about the rest of the heroes?

In the eighth edition of the program, viewers had the opportunity to get to know life better Camila, Elibeta, Krzysztof, Stanislav and Camille. Their efforts for love were not the easiest – not all of them succeeded.

How did their fate go? Who has found his love and who is still looking for him?

They all appeared at the traditional final meeting at Kazimierz Dolny. “What have you been doing these two months?” – Marta Manusca asked them at the beginning of the last episode. What did the presenter say during the frank conversations in the final?

to meet with Full All candidates came – Asia, Justina Eiza. “My life has changed 180 degrees in six months,” Kamel admitted. “We live together, we learn to live together. It’s good. The goal was to find love and it worked” – he added, speaking about himself and about Asia.

What did the girls say? “I had a very nice time. But the whole situation bypassed me” – Justina admitted. “It was a difficult moment for me. I was going there with great hope,” – said Isa, who, even on the program, could not hold back her tears. “Nothing happens by chance,” she added.

“I do not regret that I had to quit my job and move to a full. Someone takes care of me. As promised, I’m driving him to dinner to the field” – said happy Asia.

You probably didn’t know what would happen next. Kamel fell to his knees and engaged his lover. “Thank you for being here,” said the farmer. “I had no feeling. I’m happy” – admitted the happy Asia, with tears in her eyes, to which, of course, she said “Yes.”

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We wish them all the best in their new lifestyle!