Hungarian opposition leader: There will be no Warsaw in Budapest

In recent weeks, Peter Magyar has become a vocal critic of the system created by Orbán. The Respect and Freedom Party (TISZA), which he leads, is gaining supporters month after month – it has already gained 24 percent. supports.

– I want to assume that (Viktor Orban – editor) will give up power and will not turn into a new Putin. But I think he already knows that he has lost people’s trust, even if this still has to be confirmed by the results of the European Parliament elections on June 9, Magyar told Rz.

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“Society is shaking”

He was also asked how far Orbán would go to stop him and “if Orbán’s regime would be able to kill him in an extreme case.” Magyar replied that he did not think this would happen, because then there would be a revolution in Hungary. – The politician said: – This is already close to happening, the community is very upset. He also noted that Hungary has become the second poorest country in the European Union.

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