You will forget about it and will not benefit from a higher pension.  You need to know that you can get more money

It is no secret that the retirement benefits received by Polish elderly people are not the highest. According to, it is worth remembering the solution is used by at least tens of thousands of people in Poland. What is this exactly?

A way to get a higher pension

In times of ubiquitous prices, seniors carefully follow all reports on the amount of pensions and pensions. Although they are entitled to various one-time cash benefits, such as: for example, a thirteenth pension or allowances that are paid monthly, such as an energy lump sum, most older Poles

In a difficult financial situation

. As it turns out, you only need to meet one condition to do this

More money flows into seniors’ accounts every month

. Check if you remember this.

Compensation and early retirement for teachers. Which is more useful?

More and more Poles are getting this type of pension. what is he talking about?

As explains, it can be used for senior citizens’ accounts

More money coming in every month

Thanks to Polish-German pensions. What are these benefits? This type of pension is paid to people who worked in Germany after Poland joined the European Union. They can

Apply for additional contributions

Paid outside the country for periods of work in Poland. It turns out that

The number of these beneficiaries is constantly increasing


An increasing number of Poles are entitled to these benefits

The media reports that more and more Poles are working legally in Germany

Reaches retirement age

. The Opole Institute, which specializes in such matters, explains Sebastian Szczurek, regional press spokesman for ZUS in Opole Voivodeship.

Currently paying 64.3 thousand. Such pensions and other benefits

. He confirms that the category of beneficiaries is constantly increasing. At the end of last year, this number reached about 61.5 thousand. In the catalog there are so-called long-term benefits

Pensions stand out, and there are now just over 49.9 thousand

– He said in an interview with the People’s Action Party.

Interest over PLN 1,300 in cash before retirement. Who will benefit?

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