Sebastien Delorme reveals new details about the next season of “Indéfendable”.

Daily, to the great delight of many viewers Insecure It returns this evening on TVA.

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On the show “Le Québec matin”, the actor believes that the shooting of the second season is going well.

As for last season’s finale, Sébastien Delorme confirms that viewers will be determined by the fate of police officer Maxim from the very first episode.

“All I can say is that all the members in the cabinet are emotionally involved in what is going to happen,” he said without elaborating.

Me Legrand’s case is also likely to occupy a lot of air time.

“He’s back and we’re trying to manage him, but is it going to work? […] As a defense lawyer, I am always for second chances,” says Sébastien Delorme.

Mr. He also notes that an event in MacDonald’s personal life could redefine his priorities.

“It gives way to my colleagues for good reasons.”

Sébastien Delorme opines that the various causes on screen this season will provoke many reactions in living rooms.

“We’ll see who’s telling the truth, where the community is, even the judges’ debates. […] At the police level, we see what happens in the judges’ offices, and it’s really thorough,” he summarizes.

For all other details on next seasonInsecureCheck out the video above.

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