Miami: A 72-year-old woman was thrown into the street.  The officials seized her “property.”

An elaborate treehouse in Miami has become an oasis of peace and a “way of life” for 72-year-old Shawnee Chaser. By decision of the officials The woman will have to look for a new place to live.

Her property Considered dangerousThe neighbors’ efforts to punish the woman succeeded. Shawnee Chasser has lived in the treehouse for 17 years. Over the past eight years alone, she has received PLN 40,000 fines for unauthorized construction. dollar.

Florida: A 72-year-old woman was charged with unlicensed construction

On September 18, the demolition of the “property” will begin. And the 72-year-old announced that she would “build her next home in compliance with the regulations and with the appropriate permits,” reports the Daily Mail.

The house is impressive. It consists of a tiki hut, a pool with a small waterfall in the backyard, a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, and a spacious yard surrounded by greenery. According to the website, Chaser has recently spent her life in the company of her two grandchildren and a raccoon named Connie.

The woman has become accustomed to this lifestyle and can no longer live in a normal home. – At night I must hear the rain and the wind. If I don’t, I will go crazy and develop claustrophobic, Al Bawaba reported. She purchased the same land for her son nearly 20 years ago. After his death, it was decided to develop the area.

The 72-year-old is planning a new life and is looking for money to pay the necessary fees. for this purpose You have organized a group on a website where you want to collect 50,000 PLN. dollar. This sum is supposed to be enough to pay off the obligations and build a new structure in which she can live.

Bosak in “Gravity”: Raising the retirement age will not go unnoticed/Polsat News/Polsat News

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