“Even if you're sick, you gotta sing”: Singer Barneve opens up about her longtime collaboration with Celine Dion

Although he found himself among the leaders of the Céline Symphonic program presented at the Maison symphonique de Montreal, singer Barnev spoke about his professional relationship with Céline Dion for more than 20 years in an interview on LCN.

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“Celine is a very decent person. She values ​​her voice very much. I learned a lot from her. He loves his fans,” says the singer.

Barneve remembers in particular the strict discipline the Quebec singer imposed on herself, but also her human side.

“Even if she doesn't give us advice, you can see what she's like by watching her. She connects with her audience, with her fans. She's also really simple. She's not a star like the Americans. She has both feet on the ground. She does. Jokes Often and makes us laugh a lot,” he explains.

Known for his participation in Dubmatique's Soul Cryer, released in 1997, he strangely never took singing lessons.

He first learned discipline through religion and then worked with Celine Dion.

“With Celine, it's a whole different world. You have to sing even if you're sick. You have to come and perform even if you're sick. This scene has to happen. You have to adapt. If you get sick, people don't care! They come to see a show. They paid, they see the show. want!” Barneve declares.

It will be the first time for the Quebec singer to take part in a series of four performances over two days, similar to Celine's symphonic event.

“Performing Celine Dion's songs with a symphony orchestra would be magical,” she says.

Watch the video above to watch the full interview.

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