November 28, 2022


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Aleksander Kowal

Scientists have developed a method by which silk acquires incredible durability

Lin Chi led the research team, and the results in this case were published in the journal issue. How was high strength silk obtained? It was necessary to dissolve and process it in a solution of sugar and metal ions: zinc and iron.

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Lina’s team members decided to dissolve the silk in sodium carbonate, an enzyme obtained from papaya. Then they centrifuged it in a bath of sugar, ethanol, and zinc and iron ions. The resulting reinforced silk was 70 percent more resistant to stretching than the materials spiders made and used to weave their webs.

As for the measure of ease of stretching, it turned out to be more rigid than stretchable. The lead author of the study explains that the properties of the material are almost better than those of natural spider silk. It is also the first rayon of this type to achieve such impressive standards. However, not everyone is equally optimistic about the achievements of Chinese scientists.

The spider can spin its silk into any kind of crystal it likes, wants, or needs for this very purpose. This changes its mechanical properties. what or what [zespół, przyp. red.] He made, it’s very good and very interesting, no doubt, and there is certainly a lot to gain from this method, but it is a bit dishonest to say “we made better silk than spider webs”.Fritz Vollrath of the University of Oxford argues

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Spider silk is of interest to scientists who want to use it, for example, as ink for 3D printers. These types of materials are distinguished by a very favorable ratio of weight to strength and extensibility. By creating a synthetic version of silk produced by silkworms, this field could take a huge step forward.