June 8, 2023


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The 18th ZSOiZ Mathematics and Natural Sciences Competition in Pogurzilla selected the winners from among nearly 100 students

news On Friday, April 14, 2023, many primary school students appeared in the classes of the General and Vocational Schools Complex in Bogorzilla. It was not an open door, but the 18th Mathematics and Natural Sciences Competition. The best won and took home the diplomas.

For the eighteenth time on April 14, 2023, at the Public and Vocational Schools Complex in Bogorzilla, Mathematics and Science Competition, which was co-financed with funds received from Gostyński District. Members of the Modern School Association as well as teachers and students of the school in Pogorzelec participated in organizing the project.

As always, great interest

In this year’s edition of the competition, after a two-year hiatus from the pandemic, 92 students applied, of whom 86 were participants who eventually participated in the intellectual struggle.

– Representatives of several primary schools appeared from Gostyń – No. 1 and No. 3, Pogorzela, Pępowo, Skoraszewice, Zimnowoda, Borek Wlkp. Contest organizer. – The level was equal, the victory was decided literally on points.

The competition is intended for seventh and eighth grade students from primary and first post-primary grades. As the interviewee confirms, the aim of the competition is to arouse interest in mathematics and natural sciences among young people; Creating opportunities for young people to compete in developing their talents and promoting the principles of healthy competition; stimulating schools to carry out various activities in the field of working with gifted students; Promote the achievements of students and their teachers, mathematics and natural sciences. The scope of knowledge covered 5 subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography.

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The best won

The competition was judged in two age groups. It was the best in the first category John Beda Known for example from Gostyński Dictation organized by GOK Hutnik [więcej TUTAJ].

  1. Jan Beda from Primary School No. 1 with integration departments in Gustieu,
  2. Marcelle Matisiak from the elementary school and kindergarten in Koblen,
  3. Jacob Nowak from Elementary School No. 1 with integration departments in Gustiu.

In the second category for first-graders of high schools, it turned out to be the best Aleksandra Sekirkowskathen Bartosz Sieński and Maciej Gabryelczyk – all first graders of ZSOiZ in Pogorzela.

The ten winners from primary schools received certificates from Piotr Curyk, Mayor of Pogorzela, and Jarosław Adamczak, Director of ZSOiZ, and the top three winners in both categories received additional prizes, respectively for first place – speakers, for second – smart watches and for third – powerbanks.

– Students should be commended for their commitment, willingness to participate and knowledge – Jaroslav Adamczak, Director of ZSOiZ summed up the competition for them. Pogorzelski land. – We are glad that the competition generates interest, more students come to schools, there is a competition.

The general mission “Supporting and organizing valuable educational, pedagogical and educational projects (trainings, lectures, competitions, etc.)” was carried out by the Modern School Association with the significant support of the Public and Vocational Schools Complex in Pogurzela and the Parents Working School Council.

The school in Pogurzela organizes interesting open doors [KLIKNIJ W OBRAZEK]:

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