Webb witnessed an amazing phenomenon.  "strong shock waves"

NASA astronomers have boasted of other beautiful images made of James Webb Space Telescope. This time we are happy to see the dust rings caused by a rare type of double star system.

What is unusual for these two every eight years Wolf Wright stars We get closer to each other and the interaction between them creates a new cosmic ring. Ground-based telescopes have seen only two rings so far, while the James Webb Space Telescope has easily seen up to 17 rings, and this shows just how powerful the observing system humanity is now.

This remarkable duo of powerful stars is located 5,000 light-years from Earth and is known as Wolfright 140. Each ring visible in the image formed when two stars approached and their stellar winds (streams of gas that were blowing through space) met, compressing the gas and forming dust. The orbits of the stars connect them once every eight years, just as the rings of a tree trunk grow.

Astronomers explained that these Dust rings indicate the passage of time. Thanks to them, it is possible to determine how long these two organisms interact with each other. This knowledge can help us understand the work of the Wolf-Rayet stars. Scientists believe that before the formation of the Sun, there was an object of this type in its place.

These stars have a mass of 10 to 15 times the mass of the Sun and at the same time are the same height 100,000 times brighter than it. The temperature on its surface reaches 25,000 degrees Celsius, which is ten times higher than the temperature of our star today.

In addition, they emit huge amounts of dust. You can even say that they have bathed in it. It is thrown into space very quickly 12 million km/h. Why are Wolf Wright stars so scary? Not only because of the amazing picture of their imminent death, but also because of the fact that their remnants will turn into powerful neutron stars or black holes that will begin to devour surrounding objects. but that is not all.

Astronomers say that the high temperature inside it is an ideal factor for the production of various chemical elements. High winds blow everywhere. Scientists believe that they push out dense material, which creates larger clusters in the form of bubbles, in which The sun could have been bornThen the entire planetary system.

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