Amazing picture of the moon.  The author made it for two months

The Moon is an object often chosen by astrophotographers who try to capture the silver ball in different ways. Some of the images are breathtaking, as was the case with, among others: In case Wolf Moon was captured by a teenager from Poland, which NASA awarded its image. One photographer spent two months to achieve a very unusual effect.

Betul Turksoy, which deals with, among other things, astrophotography, set himself a difficult goal, which was Get a double analemma for the moon. It is a shape drawn on an object in the sky, taking the form of an eight. Such a target must be photographed at the same time every day. As you can easily imagine, the silver globe does not stay in one place and move. This is exactly the effect that Turksoy achieved.

Capturing a photo of the moon’s double analema was a difficult task. Turksoy He spent two months filming the Silver Globe. This is made more difficult because the object does not return to the same place at the exact same time. This time changes by 50 minutes and 29 seconds every day.

Ultimately, we were able to achieve the set goal, which took two months. You can see the double analema image of the moon by Betul Turksoy above. It must be admitted that the effect is truly amazing.

The photographer’s efforts were not in vain. In addition to the stunning final effect, it has also received recognition from NASA, which will be in the fall of 2022 Choose the picture to be the astronomical picture for today.

Every day, NASA releases the day’s astronomical image, chosen from hundreds of images submitted. This is how the portrait of 17-year-old Antoni Zegarski from Grodzisk Mazowiecki was awarded. Later, Marcin Shlepko could boast of a similar achievement Capture the Orion constellation above Śnieżka Peak. He took them to the mountain shelter “Dom Śląski”, the highest place in the Sudetes region.

Astronomy Pictures of the Day is a NASA initiative aimed at popularizing astrophotography. The agency started its work in 1995 and since then a new image has been released every day.

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