About the presence of Dr. Dom in an upcoming movie Black Panther: Wakanda is in my heart, media and scopers have been writing for a long time. This time, new speculation is coming from The Hollywood Reporter, and this fact alone suggests that something might be up.

In the film, we see a clash between Wakanda and the Talukan family led by their king Namur. We don’t know exactly what will be the focus of the conflict, but the comics can help. In his article, Richard Newby notes that Christopher Priest’s original comic book, which first established the conflict between Atlantis Namur and Wakanda Chali, also introduced a third country: Doctor Dom Latveria. These, of course, are just guesswork, but the source refers to the statement Tinnock HuerteHe is not a villain but a hero, perhaps a counter-hero. This indicates that the conflict may be caused by a third party, and that both countries mentioned above may have their own legitimate motives. The second clue is the movie trailer Avengers: Secret Wars In the near future, and comic book fans know this comic event had a lot to do with the character Doom, this is the perfect time to introduce the iconic antagonist of the Fantastic Four. It is reported that one of the rumors suggested that we will see this character in one of the scenes after the credits black panther 2.

Black Panther: Wakanda in My Heart – Easter Eggs and Theories

Here are suggestions and theories about the plot that could be true, and that means potential spoilers. So, if you are sensitive to these issues, beware.

There was also a statement from two Elle actresses – Lupita Nyong’o And the Danny GuriraWho will play with Nakia and Okoye respectively. In their opinion, fans did not correctly guess the true identity of Black Panther. Most often, both of them and Shuri are mentioned as the successor to T’Challa, but there are also theories that Queen Ramunda might step into the costume or we’ll see several heroines at once who will continue the legacy of the Black Panther. The actresses admitted that they love speculation and these may be deliberate words meant to encourage viewers to think more about who the characters are, but we’ll find out in November after the movie’s premiere.

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