scam.  He clicked on the link and later learned that he had made 16 transactions, each worth PLN 1,000.

He received a call from the bank asking him if he had made 16 transactions of PLN 1,000 each using express payment codes. Then he remembered his announcement. He sold the rims and the buyer had to pay and send the courier. He “just” had to confirm the transaction on the “courier company” website.

The 32-year-old from Sidles was very surprised by the phone call from the bank. He did not withdraw money up to 16 times using codes at an ATM in Warsaw.

– Remember that a few days ago, he offered car tires for sale on an advertising site. Then the buyer called him and they passed the conversation to the messenger outside the gate. They agreed on the details and shipping method. Buyer had to pay and send courier. The seller provided him with all the necessary data and in return he received a link to the courier company’s website where he had to confirm the transaction. So he clicked on that link and confirmed the sale, says Commissioner Ewelina Radomiska of the Siedles police in a statement.

No courier came to him for the edges, and the fraudsters gained access to his bank account and withdrew the amount of PLN 16,000. The police are now investigating the case.

Read: They paid for the cake and were accused of fraud. Because of the banknotes.

Don’t be fooled

Buy/sell transactions take place on sales portals from start to finish. Do not transfer transactions outside the portal where you sell or buy something – you lose protection. The portal contains the data necessary to complete this transaction – your details, payment/collection method, shipping/delivery of the package – you do not need to provide anything additional. Never click on links provided in instant messages, emails, or text messages. Sales portal staff can’t see what’s happening in your bank account because they don’t have access to it.

See: They were tempted by investments in cocoa, gold and oil. They lost hundreds of thousands of zlotys.

Main image source: emianis/Shutterstock

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