Alone: ​​A Love Story |  CBC/Radio-Canada returns a translated version in France

CBC Podcasts faces outcry over its decision to rely on a French adaptation of its podcast show Alone: ​​A Love Story For a Parisian studio, CBC/Radio-Canada president and CEO Catherine Tait decided Friday to withdraw the podcast and hand over the adaptation to a Quebec dubbing company.

In a letter to Tania Kontoianni, president of the Quebec Artists Association (UTA), Catherine Tait apologizes and promises to “correct the situation.”

“We will be reviewing our procedures to prevent this type of error from happening again,” he wrote. So let’s ditch the French version for now and re-dub the episodes with a Quebec dubbing company. »

Ten episodes of the podcast show Alone: ​​A Love Story, inspired by the book of the same name, tells the story of Michelle Paris, a Toronto-based journalist and author who goes through a breakup. It was narrated by French actress Marion Lesongeur. Our colleague Mario Girard summed up the story in his article on Thursday.

“We accept the apology and send it to our members. Francophone artists, including those in the dubbing industry, need the support of their state corporation. The UDA is always ready to cooperate on issues concerning its members,” Tania Kontoyanni responded in a press release.

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