Will Żabka be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?  What hours will Żabka be open?

This year, Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday, so we won't be able to go to the big supermarkets. Also on December 25 and 26, stores will be closed, but it turns out that we will be able to make small purchases, among other things, at network points.

We won't be shopping in most stores on the holidays

This year we will celebrate Christmas Eve on Sunday. Therefore, we will not be able to go on our last pre-Christmas shopping spree to most supermarkets and shopping centres. But it turned out to be this one

This provision does not apply to some networks

Like the network. What hours will stores be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

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Do you shop 24/7 in Żabka?

It turns out that we will be able to shop 24 hours a day

Self-service points Żabka Nano

. There are no cash registers and no employees, but thanks to modern technology based on artificial intelligence, we can purchase the necessary products. All you have to do is present your credit card to the terminal before entering the point that will open the door for you. Then we select the items we need and leave, and the payment will be completed automatically.

What hours will Żabka be open on holidays?

Traditionally, Żabka is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday to Saturday. On Sundays and holidays, the owners decide whether the store will be open. When it comes to Christmas Eve, we will be able to shop in the network at unusual hours,

For example from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM


On the first day of Christmas, most points may be closed or open in…

Unusual hours, such as 11:00-19:00

. The next day, most frogs should be open or operating at different hours than usual. Standard business hours for all points will return on Wednesday, December 27th only.

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