“Santa Claus is fake”: The Grinch is chased out of elementary school by his parents

A Texas priest dressed as a gruesome Christmas Grinch was chased by parents as he stood outside an elementary school Tuesday with a poster proclaiming Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

“Santa Claus is fake. A poster of David Harold Grisham, dressed in a frightening imitation of the green character created by Dr. Seuss, read, “Jesus is real,” as the “New York Post” reported Thursday.

In front of Sleepy Hollow Elementary School in Amarillo, Texas, the man “scared the kids and their parents” when he challenged them, according to the facility’s director, who told them they “shouldn’t lie to the kids.” ,” as we can see in the video shot by the man.

Director Kelsey Williams told “ABC 7” that his presence was “unnecessary and uncalled for,” noting that she was upset by the impact of the individual’s behavior on parents and their children.

Two parents took matters into their own hands, chasing the man away and trying to tear down his poster, before the police arrived on their turn.

However, David Harold Grisham was not arrested because he was “legally standing on the sidewalk” and did not break any laws, as Amarillo police reportedly told “ABC7” according to US media.

However, the man complained on Facebook that he was assaulted by a parent, while police officers, according to him, “distracted me from my work and prevented me from doing as much as possible.” First Amendment Rights […] Not very professional,” he wrote.

In another publication, according to the “NY Post,” the self-proclaimed “Pastor” hinted that other Grinch’s should follow in his footsteps in the coming weeks.

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