The Backstreet Boys in Montreal: A Christmas Album and a Surprise Soundtrack to Come

A first Christmas album in a three-decade career and the appearance of an acoustic album of their biggest hits (“It’s a surprise coming to our 30e Next year is a career year, who knows?” suggested Brian Register): It fills the busy days of the five members of the Backstreet Boys. They were in Montreal today.

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Ask the members of the Backstreet Boys if Quebec holds a special place in their hearts, and Kevin Richardson will tell you that between Tuesday in Detroit and Thursday in New York, he couldn’t pass up the chance to come and greet us. , even in the air.

“Quebec is a very special place for us,” explained the 51-year-old singer Register. It was the first place in North America that gave the Backstreet Boys love, and we’ve never forgotten it.”

“We have a lot of great memories here,” Brian Littrell said, his eyes sparkling.

It should be said that there are many collaborators in Montreal who have worked with the group since its inception.

First Christmas album

Brian, Kevin, AJ, Nick and Howie are promoting their first Christmas album in 30 years. A group that has amassed a string of No. 1 songs over time, a project it’s been wanting to finish for a while now… a forced hiatus brought on by the global pandemic to give them the time they needed to deal with it.

“We recorded the album A very backstreet Christmas In LA in July and August, Brian laughs. We put up Christmas decorations, a TV in the fireplace and a Christmas tree in the studio, but we were in shorts and sandals! But hey, you try to be in the moment, create this atmosphere and this emotion specific to Christmas. Then, now that we are all fathers, our Christmas has a new meaning. We wanted it to be BSB quality because we wanted this album to live forever.

Produced by Tommy Brown, the album consisted of 15 tracks, including three originals, bringing the number of original Christmas songs recorded by the group to five; with Christmas time In 1996 and It’s Christmas time again In 2012.

How did the members agree on which Christmas classics would be on the album? “We all made our own wishlistWe tallied up the points for each song, and the most popular one won,” explains Kevin, who emphasized the songs. I’ll be home for Christmas And holy night It is part of the final exam.

To Brian, The same old long sign And A quiet night Some of his favorite Christmas songs. He also particularly likes Christmas in New York“Because it’s a wonderfully original piece and an instant classic.”

For the story, the song Christmas in New York Dropped by none other than singer Tony Bennett for a forthcoming Christmas album. “But as soon as I heard it, I immediately said I’m going to ask the guys, and that’s it,” says Kevin.

The group, which has amassed over 130 million album sales worldwide, aims to tour this Christmas album during the holiday season in the coming years. “We want to present these songs live in small theaters and intimate venues in New York, Toronto, Quebec and Montreal.”

Proud to still be here

The Boy band The DNA world tourer, who is gearing up to celebrate 30 years of his career next year, has reason to be proud of always being followed and loved by his many loyal fans.

What are best friends most proud of? “To live this adventure together,” replies Brian. “30 years ago, we wanted to have this business, we said we were going to stay through it all together, and we were going to be proud of our accomplishments together. And that’s what we did! I’m proud of the relationship we have now more than ever. We Made music to be proud of and that we still enjoy.

While they don’t deny that they’ve had some fights over the years (“Obviously, we’re from the same family!”, Kevin says), they’ve always had fun working and growing together.

“I think we’re still here because we care about people,” explains Kevin, who always feels like a 25-year-old when he finds himself on stage. “When we do something, we put our whole heart and soul into it. If you don’t work for what you have, I don’t think you deserve to win. That’s what I was always taught. If you put your heart and your whole soul into it, that’s what you’ll get.”

“We have become a part of many people’s lives at some point in their lives and have become the soundtrack of their lives, or at least that moment in their lives that brings back fond memories. Music that transcends space and time is great!”

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