“National Potatoes” in the market near Lublin.  They were surprised by the seller’s words

May may be a paradise for all food lovers. This month, the first seasonal fruits and vegetables appear in stores and markets. Seasonal and – most importantly – national. That is, they are tastier than imported ones and are available in supermarkets all year round. The first Polish strawberries, although still a bit expensive, are very popular among Poles who miss the flavors of summer.

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They wanted to buy small, local potatoes. The sellers were surprised when they responded

Super Express journalists went to the market in Konobnica near Lublin in search of local delicacies. They found radishes at PLN 3 per bundle, baby cabbage at PLN 4-8 per head, and asparagus at PLN 11-15 per bundle. They also noted that the price of small potatoes is PLN 5 per kilogram. As stated in the seller’s description – local.

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