Project Hephaestus has discovered seven strange signatures.  Are they the work of an alien civilization?

A new research paper focuses on Dyson spheres, which are giant artificial structures that exist virtually. They were first described by American physicist Freeman Dyson in 1959. In this assumption, a suitably advanced civilization could create massive structures completely surrounding a star. This way, the alien civilization would have a massive, unlimited energy source.

“In this study, we provide partial, comprehensive research Dyson spheres “By analyzing optical and infrared observations from Gaia, 2MASS, and WISE,” the authors write. They add that the new study analyzes information from about five million sources to build a catalog of potential Dyson niches.

The experts themselves admit that combing through all the data is a very tedious task. Therefore, they developed a special method that facilitates the search for suitable signatures.

As scientists write: “This object [sfera Dysona – red.] So-called waste heat will be emitted in the form Medium infraredWhich, in addition to the level of advancement of the structure, depends on its effective temperature.

One problem with this concept is that such radiation could be emitted by natural objects, for example. Dust rings surrounding starsOr nebulae or galaxies. The task of the new system is to filter this data.

A specialist ‘series’ has been developed to identify potential candidates for the Dyson field, with an emphasis on detecting incidental sources Abnormal excesses in infrared radiation“It cannot be attributed to any known natural source of such radiation,” the researchers said in their scientific article. The special “train” is the first research step, and the next step is to analyze subsequent factors, such as optical contrast or astronomical measurement.

In the final “first-order” filtering process, 368 anomalous radiation sources from 5 million elementary objects “survived.” It just passed through another sieve Seven objects – may be possible Dyson spheres, that is, traces of alien technology indicating the presence of advanced civilizations in space. “All sources are clean emitters of mid-infrared radiation, without obvious impurities or fingerprints,” the specialists explain.

“After optical/NIR/MIR photometry analysis […] “We found 7 M-type red dwarfs that show an excess of infrared radiation of a fuzzy nature, which is consistent with our spherical Dyson models,” the scientists wrote in their conclusions.

The researchers indicate that the discovered objects may be orbiting around it Red dwarfs (Type M). This theory is supported in part by the fact that the presence of normal disks of material around such stars is extremely rare.

Unfortunately, another problem is that the matter surrounding red dwarfs may behave differently than the matter surrounding larger, hotter stars. Although scientists strongly believe that these… Seven signatures that may be the technical signatures of an alien civilizationIt still cannot be ruled out that they may be “ordinary” hot disks of material. Astronomers do not lose hope and add: “These sources [promieniowania – red.] They have never been observed in association with M dwarfs.

Moving forward, the following questions were asked: “Are our candidates exotic young stars whose radiative flux does not change with time? Are the physical disks of M dwarfs characterized by very partial illumination? Or perhaps something completely different?”

Scientists point out that there may be natural things behind these strange phenomena, but none of them explain them 100 percent. Just like Dyson spheres. They add that more research is needed Full explanation of this puzzle.

The research was published in a scientific journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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