A last tribute to the Bokhtonoff brothers united until their deaths

Two identical coffins, two light oak coffins side by side: The funeral of the Bokhtonoff brothers, who died of covid disease six days apart, was attended Monday by relatives and hundreds of people at Madeleine’s Church in Paris.

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One of the relatives who came to say goodbye to Igor and Kriska was the unmarked singer Francis Lalan, writer Rafael Endowan, former minister Luke Ferry and presenters Cyril Hannah and Julian Lepers, who became the voice of Antivox. The most popular duo on French television are the ones best known for the science fiction show “Temps X” on TF1.


Nearly a thousand anonymous people had come to this famous funeral and were open to all, before they were buried Wednesday in strict privacy in the Saint-Larry (Jersey) Cemetery, the village where they were born.

The mass meeting began at 3pm at Madeleine Church where Johnny Holiday’s funeral took place in December 2017. In the Mass Guide, a photo of the twins, with the reason for this sentence: “In the universe, nothing. Impossible! AFP journalist said.

“Igor and Krisha swept the sky. Their science guided them to the presence of God,” the pastor underlined in his speech. .


A family friend, posing as an astronomer, lamented that the Bokhtonoff brothers’ research was controversial, emphasizing that “it hurt them when they were the best scientists”.

In various speeches by family members and relatives, no mention was made of the cause of their death. Failing to be vaccinated, Igor and Kriska Boktanaf suffered from Govt disease on December 15, after which they were hospitalized and placed in intensive care under artificial coma.

“Things got worse. This is the rule. They can not be separated anymore … they were surrounded by many people in the hospital! Until the end, they gave each other messages except for a few rooms,” Amelie de Bourbon-Farm said last week.

Igor Bogtnoff died last Monday at the age of 72, less than a week after his brother Kriska. The duo culminated in a futuristic television show in the 1980s, before being criticized for the credibility of their work and before being ridiculed for their altered physique, which they call “D. ‘Aliens”.

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