January 27, 2023


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Kareem Olet's death: An album was at work when he severed ties

Kareem Olet’s death: An album was at work when he severed ties

Kareem O’Leary was actively working on a new album when he abruptly severed ties with his new record company in March 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic forced Quebec to move into space.

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“He’s not giving any news to anyone anymore, he’s severed ties. We have nothing, no more models. We called him, we never came back, we took him off our radar, we’re not talking about him anymore,” said a representative of Universal Music Canada in Montreal. Said Jonathan Bergeron.

However, until the epidemic spread, the 37-year-old singer-songwriter died in a Quebec studio on Monday evening, with Mr Bergeron continuing to say, “We were composing music, we were working on an album.”

Under a 2018 deal with Universal’s subsidiary Maison Barclay, Kareem O’Leary also came to produce the visual design for his fourth album, the first time since he broke with the Coyote Records label.

Not enough resources

“On March 11 or 12, 2020, Jonathan Bergeron recalled, I went to a photo shoot with him in Montreal for the album cover. Then the plague came and he disappeared.

This information is consistent with information from his friends and collaborators, who told the media that since he was pronounced dead, Kareem O’Leary had isolated himself from his entourage and that he had lived “in isolation.”

Without commenting directly on the case of Karim Olet, whom he did not know, the Guild of Guild of Musicians and Musicians of Quebec argued that it was very difficult for artists to access mental resources from the very beginning of the epidemic.

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“Now artists are not the only problem. This is the situation in many areas. There are those who have lost their jobs. A lot of people need psychological help and there is a lack of resources, ”said Luke Ford.

Tribute to Quebec

Moreover, the memory of Kareem Olette, whose departure caused shock waves and saddened his loved ones as much as the art community, will be greeted by the city of Quebec.

“It’s sure that the city wants to honor the memory of a great artist like Karim Ollet,” assured Thomas Goddard, a spokesman for Mayor Bruno Marchand.

All options for honoring him are on the table, he said.

“Many services are worried at the moment and see how this is possible. It is important for us to do well and not rush things to the peak of his potential.

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