Sanctions against Russia.  Germany around the need to cut

“In the coming days, we will make a decision on that More actions between allies”- said Schultz in Berlin, citing the RND portal. Putin and his supporters will feel the consequences.” – confirmed the head of the government, adding that Germany will continue to supply Ukraine with weapons for defense against Russia.

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He also called on the German Defense Minister to draw the consequences Events in Bokza. “These images are horrific, they shock us so badly, of course we must now respond appropriately to them.” She said on ARD TV. She called for talks between EU ministers on suspending Russian gas supplies.

The Russian war still can’t be financed

“Merely naming and referring to crimes against humanity is not enough.” German “Welt” commented on Chancellor Schulz’s words on the issue of Russian war crimes and the demand that the perpetrators be brought to justice.

(A country with a history like Germany) You must do more to end this crime against humanity of our time. In light of the lesson of history, it should now be clear to any politician who has kept at least a minimal moral compass Germany cannot continue to finance the Russian war with its thirst for Russian oil and gas.” – Maintains newspaper.

Putin and the other leaders of his regime destroyed international law and order in one fell swoopAnd the It was painstakingly built since World War II– ARD TV reporter writes in the comment.

We have to accept the economic consequences of banning gas importsOn the contrary, the devastation that we see today in Irbic, Bukaza and Hosteml near Kyiv will soon occur first in Warsaw, Vilnius and Riga, and then in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich ”- he confirms.



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