Sankcje wobec rosyjskiego transportu lotniczego zostaną utrzymane (fot. Shutterstock/VicMesen)

Poland’s permanent representative to the EU, Andrej Sado, confirmed that the next package of EU restrictions adopted on Thursday did not ease sanctions on Russian air transport in the least. The member states of the European Union have already adopted the seventh package of sanctions against Russia in connection with its aggression against Ukraine.

The Council of the European Union adopted the seventh package of sanctions against Russia

In response to Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine, the Council of the European Union on Thursday adopted new measures to tighten existing sanctions…

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Some Russian media have reported that restrictions on the Russian aviation sector have been eased. There have been reports in the media that the European Union will lift the ban on the supply of goods to the country’s civil aviation. According to “Kommersant”, against the background of these reports, Aeroflot shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange rose by 5 percent.

Ambassador Sadowe vehemently denied the reports of sanctions relief.

– This is wrong information. The package did not at all ease sanctions on Russian air transport. We have only clarified the provisions on access to aviation safety information to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The Polish diplomat explained that it was about access to information on air traffic control.

The package approved on Thursday includes a ban on the import of Russian gold, including jewelry. It also expands the list of controlled items that can contribute to the military and technological strengthening of Russia or the development of the defense and security sector, thereby strengthening export controls in the field of dual use and advanced technology.


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