More LG smartphones with Android 12!  Here is the schedule

LG is expanding the list of smartphones that will be updated to Android 12 in the second quarter of 2022. The Korean manufacturer does not forget about users even after leaving the market.

LG has not been selling smartphones for more than a year – although sales of smartphones of this brand have been declining on a regular basis, news of the withdrawal from the mobile market has surprised many ManiaK. Whenever LG bravely fought to the end, it made very interesting devices.

Although we can no longer count on new smartphones from LG, the manufacturer does not forget about the users of its devices. Just two weeks ago, the brand announced that it will release in 2020 LG Velvet now comes with an update to Android 12. However, this is not the only reliable equipment.

A surprise from the outside. LG Velvet with the update to Android 12!

LG G8X ThinQ / Photo:

Upcoming updates from LG

The Korean manufacturer has just posted the latest news about the upcoming updates on its blog. It turns out that in the second quarter of 2022 we will see Android 12 for LG V50, LG V50S ThinQ (G8X ThinQ) And the LG Q92 5G. Security reforms will go to LG Q52, LG Velvet, And the LG Suite.

However, the above dates are related to the South Korean update, so it is uncertain whether all the above news will also reach Europe by the end of June.


LG Suite / Photo: gsmManiaK

However, one wonders why LG Suite Android 12 is no longer available – hopefully it will change soon.

It is true that this innovative dual-screen smartphone was not as popular as the manufacturer assumed, but an update would undoubtedly be welcome at this point.

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