Samsung Galaxy A34 5G just went crazy.  Now worth buying

Could a cheap mid-range phone have OIS on the camera, an IP67 waterproof case, a 120Hz Super AMOLED display, a good processor, stereo speakers, years of updates, and the Samsung logo on the case? This is probably the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G for sale. The price went down by over 500 PLN.

Samsung’s mid-range phones are often cheaper like crazy. If the manufacturer does not add any unusual bonuses as part of the startup promotion, it is better to refrain from buying for a while, so as not to spit in the beard later.

It’s the perfect proof of that Samsung Galaxy A34 5Gwhich can be yours today for as little as 27% cheaper than it was on the day of the premiere.

in Promotional price € 297.05 You can buy it on the Italian Amazon. To access this amount, you need to mark the € 15.40 discount coupon on the product page.

After direct conversion, this gives us Less than PLN 1390. None of the Polish stores She will not sell it to you for less. I will add that in authorized stores, you should Pay more than 500 PLN!

At this price, the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G is an interesting option

Galaxy A34 for the beginning of PLN 1899? silly. Galaxy A34 to promote PLN 1390? Definitely worth considering. It is true that in my eyes it is not the most profitable smartphone in the world, but for some users it may be ideal.

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G image / manufacturer

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G has two features that make it stand out in the middle class. The first is prosaic and functional: his abode Waterproof, according to the IP67 standard. Hardly any phone of this class can boast of this. Ba, even some flagships are not waterproof.

The second thing people who have been looking for a phone for a while longer will appreciate. Samsung will provide the Galaxy A34 with flagship-level support: you’ll get it Four more versions of Androida for five years New security patches will be added to it regularly.

Like most Samsung phones, this model has a great screen. We get a 6.6-inch panel here Super AMOLED In Full HD + and 120Hz refresh rate.

It can also be an added advantage camera with OISbatteries 5000 mAhIt has stereo speakers and a good processor in this class Mediatek Dimensity 1080.

If for some reason Samsung isn’t your thing, you can find other shopping inspiration in our list of recommended phones at good prices:

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