Wings for Life 2023. Adam Małysz is TVN24’s guest before the start of the race

TVN24 has been part of the Wings for Life family for years. On the air of the station you can follow the preparations for the event and the competition itself

“We run for those who cannot run” – this is the idea behind the organizers and participants of the event. The total income from the entrance fee (PLN 120 per person) is allocated to the development of research on the damaged spinal cord. Initially, the race took place on Lake Malta, and just over a thousand people took part in the first edition.

The popularity of these unusual competitions grew rapidly and the starting site was moved to Plac Marka at the Poznań International Fair headquarters. Eight thousand packages prepared for the Poznań competition were sold out within two hours.

The uniqueness of this race lies in the fact that it is a competition without a classic finish line. The finish for the participants is a car that will start half an hour behind the competitors. The score is not the time, but the distance traveled. For several years the competitors were chased by Małysz, who took part in the event himself and ran 19 kilometers before becoming the driver of the pursuit car. The former excellent ski jump will initially start at 14 km/h, but will steadily increase every half hour.

Adam Mays: I’d rather be at the finish line

Less than four hours before the start of Sunday’s race, TVN24’s guest is Małysz, who, as in previous years, will get into the car that will mark the track’s finish line. He himself appeared as the runner once, in the first edition.

– I’d rather be dead, anyway. Sport is in my blood, but the first time I ran and hit the 19,800, it gave me a hard time. Even though I work out all the time, it’s a different effort. I remember walking back a week after that run. The next year, I got injured, so I was skating, and then I was skating as a finish line and still skating.”

Video: tvn24 Adam Małysz: I’d rather be at the finish line on Wings for Life

When asked about the autonomy of his car, he replied: “It’s up to the driver, because cruise control does not work at such speeds.” We have a computer showing us where we need to be, but the speed doesn’t have to be the same all the time.

Małysz also talked about the reactions of the people he catches up with, thus ending their struggle with time. – It’s 50-50. Some shout why you are late, others why already. Some players, when we pass them, want to take a picture, and here I must warn you how dangerous it is, because we cannot stop. That’s why I urge you to run on the right side. I have seen such cases that some people managed to escape from us by 2-3 kilometers. It is such a race that if someone assumes 10-15 kilometers, they always run more, because they are able to do more of themselves. It is a nice “.

He also appreciated the creativity of the participants, who often appeared in disguises on the road. – There was, for example, a whole battalion, there was a so-called man without skin, in a rubber suit, in which you could see the insides. The cool thing is people write their name on the shirt and then we can cheer them on.

Video: tvn24 The full conversation with Adam Mays before starting Wings for Life

Wings for Life 2023: when and where is the tenth edition?

Wings for Life World Run is an international event, and the capital of Wielkopolska is one of seven locations in Europe. players on time At 13:00 (CET) The competition will also start on ViennaAnd MunichAnd LjubljanaAnd Zogo (Switzerland) , Zadar (Croatia) f Kakheti (Georgia). moving in Live on TVN24 and TVN24 GO from 12.50.

Running using a special mobile application is becoming more and more popular. This way, competitors can start anywhere in the world, even run… around their homes. The cost of this participation is 70 PLN and you can register even on the day of the start.

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