February 9, 2023


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GTA 6 leaked: Police arrested a teenage hacker

It appears that the hacker responsible for the GTA 6 leak has been discovered. The London police have announced the arrest of a person suspected of hacking Rockstar Games servers. He is 17 years old, and allegedly belongs to the cyber crime organization Lapsus$.

Earlier it was reported that the person responsible for the latest leak of early material from GTA 6 was supposed to be 16 years old. The FBI began its research, and as you can see, the results came out quickly. We are not 100% sure that we are talking about the same person, but the same age and place of residence are correct.

As we read in a tweet shared by a verified account of the London Police, the arrest was made on the evening of September 22. The teen was arrested as a result of an investigation by a British cyber police unit known as the National Cybercrime Unit (NCCU).

The arrested person may in fact be a member of the $ Lapsus group. In March of this year, the London police had already arrested several members of this organization. At that time, it was about the hacking of many tech giants, including Microsoft, Nvidia and Ubisoft, and recently we also learned about the attack on Uber. Lapsus$ is also suspected of acting in this case, especially under a similar theme.

Arcadius Stando, Editor-in-Chief of Polygamy