The Atlantic Ocean is heading to a “critical point.”  It exposes, among other things: Europe

The latest research sheds worrying light on the movement of the Atlantic Ocean. It is heading towards a critical point. Scientists warn that this could have dire consequences for the entire climate system and humanity.

Experts from Utrecht University did not hide their astonishment at how quickly the circulation of the Atlantic Ocean could reach a critical point. Although they have not yet been able to predict exactly when this will happen, the situation is too serious to ignore. “We were surprised by the speed at which this is happening,” said Rene van Westen of Utrecht University, quoted by The Guardian. “It will be devastating.”

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Scientists are sounding the alarm

The research used computer models and historical data to create an early warning indicator for the collapse of the Atlantic Ocean Longitudinal Exchange (AMOC). It is a system of ocean currents that plays a major role in regulating global climate. The AMOC transports heat, carbon and nutrients from the tropics towards the Arctic Circle. There, the warm water cools and sinks into the depths of the ocean. These currents help distribute energy across the Earth and moderate the effects of human-caused global warming.

Unfortunately, this system may collapse as Arctic glaciers and ice sheets melt faster than expected. Melting ice introduces fresh water into the ocean, making it harder for warm salty water coming from the south to sink.

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Changes may affect Europe

Scientists' findings show that the AMOC is changing in a way that has not occurred in more than 10,000 years. Years. These changes could have catastrophic consequences for most parts of the world. AMOC is at its weakest point in over a thousand years. Simulations on computer models suggest that slow changes could lead to a sudden collapse in less than 100 years.

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The consequences of such a collapse can be catastrophic. Sea levels in the Atlantic Ocean are expected to rise by one meter in some areas, submerging many coastal cities. Temperatures around the world will begin to fluctuate erratically. The Southern Hemisphere will become warmer, and Europe will cool quickly.

Source: “The Guardian”

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