“Sami Malak” is back in cinemas.  A prequel to the legendary film in the making.  What is the premiere?  Where were the photos taken?

The pre-production for “Sammy Suwe” is in progress. The main roles will include Anna Demna and Zbigniew Zamachowski. The author of the script is Andrzej Mularczyk, and the director is the actor Artur Żmijewski, who made his debut in this role.

Kargul and Pawlak have been playing for half a century. Jubilee comedy “Sami has”

On September 15, 1967, that is, exactly 50 years ago, in the now non-existent Moscow cinema in Warsaw, the premiere of “Our Own Ones” took place – a New Year’s Eve film …

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“Sami Suwi” is a cult title in the history of Polish cinematography. It tells the story of two conflicting families – the Karguls and the Pawlaks. It was written by Andrzej Mularczyk and directed by Sylwester Chęciński.

The premiere took place in 1967. The film delighted Polish viewers, and as a result the following titles were created in the series: “Nie ma mocnych” from 1974 and “Love or throw” from 1977.

The prequel scenes were filmed in one of the branches of the Kielce Countryside Museum – in the Ethnographic Park of Tokarnia.

Production of “Sami Special”

This time around, Mularczyk based the screenplay on his book Who Lived Life from 1983. The story tells the story of squabbling families before Krissy left.

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Jerzy Janicek, the unforgettable Whitya from Only Own, has passed away

Jerzy Janicek and Witia Pawlak passed away from “Sammy Suwe” and its sequel. He was 77 years old. His death was announced via Facebook by …

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Artur Żmijewski is known, among others, for from the series “Father Mateusz”, “For Good and Bad”, and the films “In the desert and in the wild”, “Katyn”, “Never in my life”, “Only love me”. He will make his directorial debut on the film, but he has already directed the “Father Mateus” episodes.

Who will star in the movie?

The makers of the film revealed several names of the film’s crew. They are: Anna Demna, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Adam Ferenci, Polina Jawzka, Wojciech Malajkat and Mirosław Backa.

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The movie may hit theaters next year. Filming is scheduled to end in June this year.

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