The National Research and Development Center did not fund the innovative participation – despite the court ruling

Polish company KZN Rail has been fighting to re-evaluate the funding request for innovative tram turnout for two years. The National Research and Development Center refused to co-finance the project – the court finding it wrong and a violation of the law. However, the National Research and Development Center did not implement the court ruling.

They write about it the money and Puls Biznesu. As we read, in August 2020 the company. KZN Rail entered the competition “6/1.1.1/2020 – Fast Track” with the project “Innovative Technology of Production and Logistics, Development and Maintenance of Prefabricated Tram Stations in Blocks” worth PLN 8.7 million. The company applied for approximately PLN 3.5 million in funding; The current technology assumes the implementation of sequential works on the construction site: laying the concrete base, laying the track part of the turnout, concreting the structure using the “wet” technology. The whole thing takes weeks long and causes traffic restrictions on roads and trams.

KZN Rail offers an additional solution, ie a ready-made component is delivered to the place of installation, which will be ready for use a maximum of 72 hours after installation and integration with the track and road. – The turnout of trams embedded with a concrete slab is a significant time-saver, because replacing the entire block (steel plus concrete) or the steel part alone under this technology will shorten the construction work time of intersections and tracks integrated with the road from several weeks to several days. In the end, it should be an exchange on the weekend – reports the head of KZN Rail, Rafał Leszczyński, adding that the company is carrying out the project at its own expense, according to competition rules.

However, in February 2021, the National Research and Development Center refused to participate in the financing of the Krakow company “due to not meeting all access criteria”, despite the fact that it is at the project evaluation stage by the so-called committee members, that is, experts, who have no comments on the application. Money confirms. KZN Rail did not lay down its arms and went through the entire appeal path, including a cassation complaint to the Supreme Administrative Court. However, the NRDC did not comply with the ruling, so the case was brought before the Warsaw Regional Administrative Court again. The latter stated that “the evaluation of the project was carried out in a way that violates the law and this violation had a great impact on the outcome of the case, and at the same time he returned the case for reconsideration.”

The whole process took two years — the latest ruling became final on February 17, 2023, requiring the National Board of Rehabilitation and Development to re-evaluate the protest from the company. According to the regulations, the company should have received information about the protest examination no later than April 3, 2023. The NCBR has not yet re-evaluated the application, we read in KZN Rail will file a complaint for inaction with the Administrative Court.

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