March 28, 2023


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No more 4K for everyone on YouTube.  bad quality coming

No more 4K for everyone on YouTube. bad quality coming

Everything indicates that Google will go Limiting the quality of 4K videos For fans this is the free version of the smartphone app. A graphic has surfaced on Reddit, indicating that 4K quality movies will soon be available only to premium subscribers.

This means that unless we choose to pay $11.99 per month regularly, we won’t be able to enjoy 4K quality in the videos of our favorite YouTubers. The free version of the mobile application will only allow you to view the material Highest quality Full HD 1080p

fans Youtube I hope it was just a joke. Unfortunately, Google is trying in every possible way to force users to buy the premium version recently. It will not do without strict restrictions on the masses, that is, users of the free version, who are still hundreds of millions. However, it is worth noting that you can still enjoy 4K and even 8K quality, but in the case of the browser version.

As we can read in the comments to this news, not all of them can spend a month $11.99 for the premium option. 4K quality has become practically the norm. YouTube videos are increasingly being published in this quality and they are perfectly suited to smartphone screens that offer a resolution higher than 1080p, especially in the case of OLED screens.

For now, Google is only trying to introduce this unpleasant restriction. We can expect that in the coming weeks there will be tests of such functionality among a limited group of users. If there are many voices of displeasure, perhaps the platform authorities will come to their senses and Find a job elsewhere.

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