Rust 2, a continuation of the survival game, has been announced
16 September 2023, at 15:47

Rust 2 will be developed, but not using the Unity engine – the founder of Facepunch Studios criticized the actions of the company behind this technology and announced the resignation from its services. He did not hide his anger at the recently announced changes in imposing fees on motor use.

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Fans of Rust’s survival production have reasons to be happy, because Gary Newman – founder of Facepunch studio – announced its continuation. But he did it with complete anger entrance And the atmosphere of scandal caused by changes in the use of the unit’s engine. Let us remind you that according to the new guidelines, content creators will have to pay a fee upon the first installation of a game created using the mentioned technology. Furthermore, this applies to both new products and items released years ago (we wrote more about this here and here).

She wonders how they could think this was a good idea. Or maybe it’s a good idea if you’re thinking of Unity in the context of mobile gaming. If you look at it that way, it probably makes sense to them.

Maybe they forgot about computer games. once again. – Gary Newman does not hide his nervousness.

Module can corrupt itself, says Rust creator

The founder of Facepunch Studios admitted that the fees charged would not be an issue if the whole process went properly. If the two sides agree to the agreed terms, the situation will be clear. The thing is that no one talked to the creators working on Unity.

It hurts because we didn’t agree to it. We used the engine because we paid up front and launched the product. We were not warned that something like this would happen. We were not warned. We were not consulted.

We spent 10 years creating it Rust On the unit drive. We paid them every year. Suddenly they changed the rules.

Gary Newman is another designer who has lost faith in the owners of this technology. Previously, studios Xile Entertainment (Wasteland 3), Massive Monster (Cult of the Lamb), designer David Szymanski (DUSK) and many others expressed similar opinions. He believes that it cannot be undone, because unity has shown its true face In the future, it may make more changes that will negatively affect the interests of creators.

It’s like Adobe is charging everyone who uses Photoshop to view images… and trying to find a system to track and bill you every month. And not just for new paintings, but for all the paintings I’ve created over the past 20 years. […] Unity is the worst company behind the Unity engine.

Rust 2 will not be built on Unity

At the end of the article, Newman admitted that he was not innocent. In his opinion, the studio missed many of the warnings that have appeared over the yearsThe best time to leave Unity was when the company went public in 2020.

We had 10 years to develop our own engine and we never did. I think a lot of creative people are thinking the same thing now.

The manufacturer didn’t want to make this mistake again, so they announced it Rust 2 It will not be powered by the Unity engine. He revealed that a sequel to the popular game would be created, but he did not reveal any details about it.

With each passing day, the ground beneath Uniti’s feet grows thinner, but it’s hard to predict what the sinking company will decide to take on it, as the value of its shares has fallen by as much as 80% this year. One thing is for sure, the situation will not improve if there are no conversations with game developers.

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