The International Space Station will be located in the waters of the Pacific Ocean

NASA has announced three dates for the start of the trial Take out of orbit from the cosmic house. The first plan is to actually lower the orbit From November 2026The second of October 2027 and the third of April 2028.

No matter which of the presented scenarios becomes reality, the crew must Departing the International Space Station by mid 2030And by the end of the same year, Earth will fall to Earth the largest space facility created by the hand of man.

The agency reported that The cosmic house will mostly burn up in the atmosphere, but the larger pieces will fall into the waters of the Pacific Ocean and settle in a place known as the Cemetery of Space Facilities. This is where different spacecraft end their lives, including two small ones Chinese space stations.

Interestingly, meanwhile, our planet is in orbit A new space station will be built. NASA has announced that it will be ready by 2030, but its first elements will be launched into orbit in 2028. Construction will not take long.

So in less than two years, we will have at least three space stations in orbit. One international, one NASA and one Chinese. It is very likely that they will appear there again Three space hotels. They’re supposed to be really luxurious places.

The Amazon founder and his company are planning to build such facilities for tourists blue originAs well as Axiom Space and Lockheed Martin. Returning to NASA, this new American space station will be built from inflatable modules in its construction, for example, Sierra Space specializes.

Engineers boast that their production is very cheap, safe and practical to use. The new space home is to be a place for high-tech research and Transfer port to colonize the moon and trips to Mars. In addition to the station, greenhouses, solar farms and factories will be built in orbit gas stations.

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