Russian attack on Vinnytsia.  She took her daughter for a walk and started recording a movie.  The girl died |  News from the world

On Thursday, the Russians launched a missile attack on the center of Vinnytsia. Ukraine’s emergency services said 23 people were killed, including three Children. One of them is a few years old girl who walked the city streets with her mother before 10:00 am local time. The recording was posted on Twitter via TV next.

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In the next post, photos were posted after the attack – you can see a carriage driven by a few years old. The girl was killed by a missile explosion. Her mother was badly injured (she has no leg) and is in serious condition in hospital – initially some sources reported that she too had died.

After the missile attack on Vinnytsia, 66 people are hospitalized, including three children. The Ukrainian emergency services stated that 5 of the injured are in critical condition and 34 are in serious condition. Rescuers failed to contact 39 people wanted.

Drama in Vinnytsia. Volodymyr Zelensky on Russia: It’s a killer country. terrorist state

He condemned the Russian attack Wodymyr Zinsky.

Every day Russia kills civilians, kills Ukrainian children, directs missiles at civilian installations where there is nothing military. What is it if it is not an open terrorist act? These are not human beings. It is a killer country. terrorist state

– wrote on cable President of Ukraine.

Two Russian missiles hit a parking lot and a building in the center of Vinnytsia – about 25 cars were burned and the building was badly damaged. It housed, among other things, offices and a medical center. Oleksandr Kornienko, Ukrainian deputy and head of the presidential party Servant of the People in 2019-2021, announced that there were no military installations in the vicinity of the attack, even the train station was 1.5 kilometers away. “Today the Vinnitsa missiles hit the center, the children died. Russia must be recognized as a sponsor of terrorism!” – wrote on Twitter.

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