Scammers pretend to be energy sellers.  Enea Group warns customers about false emails and texts

Enea Group warns customers about false emails and texts. Scammers pretend to be an energy company and try to extort the data needed to use electronic banking.

“Enea customers have reported receiving suspicious SMS messages and emails in which fraudsters pretend to be energy sellers, trying to extort money, personal or banking details. Enea is calling for caution and asking customers to report false information they receive” – Enea press office reported.

Scammers send fake SMS and emails

As indicated in the advertisement, fraudsters send SMS messages or emails to customers informing, for example, about the start of enforcement proceedings, under-payment of a bill or non-payment of dues, with the threat of dismantling the counter. In the messages they send, criminals provide a link to electronic payments. The company warns that if used, it will provide the fraudsters with login details that can be used to steal money from the customer’s account.

The energy company urges customers to be especially careful and not to pay money to account numbers sent in fake messages: e-mail and SMS.

“The Company informs that in correspondence that mentions the date of payment or payment arrears, it does not send links to its customers to electronic payments. Messages sent by Enea include an individual account number to which the customer must settle the arrears. Status of settlements with Enea can be verified in a secure manner. On the customer’s electronic account in eBOK, using remote channels (chat, e-mail) or by calling the hotline 61111111 ”- this was mentioned in the message.

As it was added, Enea customers can report suspicious messages to the email address: [email protected]. They must attach a screenshot or the content of the message received to their notification. Enea provides information from customers about fake news to law enforcement.

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