Bokza massacre.  The New York Times showed the video right before the execution

This is the last time these men have been seen alive – this is how the New York Times described the film showing Russian soldiers leading chained Ukrainians to the scene of execution. A few minutes after they appeared in the video, they were shot. The newspaper also published an eyewitness testimony that appeared in the film and managed to escape.

Bokza massacre shook the world. In a city liberated from Russian occupation Nearly 300 bodies were found, often with their hands tied. It was also discovered Mass graves where the victims are buried.

Russia denies responsibility for these crimes, explaining that they took place in Bokza Provocation prepared by Ukraine, Great Britain and PR agencies. The New York Times published evidence that Russian soldiers are behind these crimes. The newspaper showed surveillance recordings and published the testimony of a Ukrainian who survived one of the executions.

Bokza massacre. Evidence of Russian crimes

In a film published by the New York Times, Russian soldiers blew up a group of civilians – some blindfolded – across the street. The recording was captured by CCTV on March 4 and shows a man wearing a distinctive blue jacket.

The Ukrainians were taken behind a nearby building, where they were shot a few minutes later. They had previously been detained by the Russian army, interrogated and tortured until one of them admitted that they were volunteers defending the city against the invading forces. They were manning a checkpoint and were unable to evacuate when the Russians entered the city.

Having obtained this information, the Russian commander had to issue the order to “get rid” of the Ukrainians. “Get rid of them,” said he, “but not here, lest the corpses lie here.” This is according to the testimony of 43-year-old Evan Skype, who was among the men who led to the death.

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The Ukrainians were led around the corner of the building, where the Russian soldiers began shooting at them. Apparently he was hit, fell to the ground and pretended to be dead, trying not to move or breathe. He heard the soldiers finish off another Ukrainian who had survived the first round.

The New York Times also showed a video clip recorded by a Ukrainian military drone on March 5. Among other things, the explosive device flew around the place of execution, recording the bodies there and the Russian soldiers standing nearby.

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Associated Press / East News

The same bodies of the murdered Ukrainians, including the easily identifiable ones who wore a blue shirt, were visible in the photographs that shocked the world after the Russians left Bukaza.

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Bokza massacre

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